🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎🧠️ What is BENNY doing?︎

Junbin Yang

A Designer want to
Make the voice for the young
& Respond to the social issues!

︎ Bennybiangbiang @gmail.com
︎ Instagram:bennybiangbiang
︎ Wechat: xiaoheib17

1.Visual Communication Designer

2.Visual Artist

3.Design Researcher

MA Graphic Media Design 
London College of Communication
London, UK

BFA Visual Communication Design 2016-2020
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Guangzhou, China

Benny is a visual communication designer with unique and different visual means in multiple contexts. As a designer, not only does he want to use his creation to solve professional problems, but also to communicate with this world.  

He has a solid foundation in visual communication design BFA; top-ranking graduated from GAFA with remarkable marks. Now Benny is studying graphic media Design MA in London College of Communication, University of Arts London.he is good at graphic design, motion graphics,video editing, exhibition design, brand design, packaging design, publication design, illustration, three-dimensional modeling, Using a variety of visual language and method to solve problems.

Every individual in every era searches for her/his individuality. In today's world, as the internet brings us a huge amount of information every day and new cultures emerge on top of our multi-cultural world, it is even easier for people to feel curious, enthusiastic or confused on their journey of self-searching. In this complex environment, being able to express their voices and fight for their values is not only crucial to their identity development but also promotive to social advancement. Realizing that my design can form the channel for my voice to be heard, He started learning how to translate my private concerns about our world's social and cultural aspects into unique visual expressions. He believes it is my mission to express the voice of young people.

The most important thing is that he thinks that visual communication design is not only a tool that brings business benefits, it is also a way of thinking to explore and discover the issues that interest him. It can be a loudspeaker, a weapon, or a platform to establish a communication channel between viewers and designers on specific issues. The design he hopes is to express our young people's unique voice, and at the same time, respond to some social issues we are concerned about.


Young Battle 2020 - Selected Award
Platinumaward 2019, Excellence Award
Golden Point Concept Design Award 2019, Mark Winnter
Work was interviewed by Design In Taiwan,2019
Macao Design Award 2019, Winner
Jin Daiqiang design award 2018, winner
Works exhibited "Enjoy the beauty of Guangdong",Guangdong Provincial Museum, 2019
Works published in the Book: Design in Colleges and universities of Guangdong, China.
Tencent&GAFA SED cooperation project, First Prize

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